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    Re: Microsoft Outlook question

    Hi Roscoe, just a thought.

    After your deletions were completed did you go to the Main folder and select Compact Now?

    That was "drilled into me" some years ago. as an extra tidy-up...
  2. Thread: Monday Laughs

    by Neil F

    Re: Monday Laughs

    That is brilliant,Piroska
  3. Re: Third Party Apps for Deleting Temp Files Etc

    Interesting opinions. FYI - I have hoards of spare disk space.
    I have always thought better to try to keep disk as clean as possible -hence focus on old Temp files etc,
    Could someone please...
  4. Third Party Apps for Deleting Temp Files Etc

    a) Opinions please. Some months ago when I had problems with Office 365 a reply from Microsoft criticised CCleaner and said I should just use Standard Microsoft features for keeping my laptop...
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    Re: Office 365 Home Fails again

    Thanks Wainui.
    I have never been a DOS person ( now with benefit of hindsight I can interpret windir as C:\Windows.)
    Decades ago I was given a Floppy Disk with PCTools which put DOS into English...
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    Re: Animal Care - or not as it were....

    Why get dog in first place? I fully with you.
    Same property next door -different renters - very small back deck. Suddenly a dog appeared up and down deck all day looking in window -obviously...
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    Re: Office 365 Home Fails again

    Last I did try the sfc suggestion (running as full Administrator rather than as myself) and this time it stated it did find some corrupted files.
    It showed where to look at the log....
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    Re: Office 365 Home Fails again

    Thanks for the tip Wainui.
    I read the Qs and As .
    I'll save the suggestions for future checking.
    I can automatically open xls files using EXCEL 365
    XERO still exports to Excel in xls format.
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    Re: Animal Care - or not as it were....

    Hi Piroska .
    Slightly different scenario. We have a cat who ranks higher in family importance than me. Next door rental property had a black cat which was reasonably friendly with ours.. Saw ...
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    Office 365 Home Fails again

    Below is a post from me tonight on Microsoft Community.

    My first reply asked if I first ran the Offline Quick Repair. (of course I did otherwise why would I spend all the time on the Online...
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    Re: Backing Up - need help please

    I don't do the "traditional" back ups.
    I have 2 separate External hard drives and periodically (say every 3 weeks) swap between them.
    I copy my files to them (via Windows Explorer) and just add...
  12. Office 365 Programs require Full reinstall yet again-Microsoft Community Discussion

    I am grateful for such a detailed response from Greg- accepting that we all have our biases

    I should appreciate any comments or other suggestions from PCWorld members re the matter

  13. Re: Office 365 A-pplications will not open after Win update

    Yes I got all the prompts about Safe mode and repair on all Word, Excel Outlook etc.

    On the "positive" side the Uninstall and Reinstall was comparatively quick this time -less than 1 hour
  14. Office 365 A-pplications will not open after Win update

    I am on Win 10 64 bit Build 1903 I always take all updates.
    After the most recent one for the 3rd time this year I cannot start any Office 365 programmes except OneNote.
    I have tried MS Apps...
  15. Re: Deleteing Avast free antivirus from my windows10 h/drive.

    I use IObitUninstaller which seems to be very good a detecting residual or leftovers
    I used Avast briefly in 2012 then got rid of it. Various forums posts seems to have a history of struggles...
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    Re: ? System Restore in Windows 10

    I am on Win 10 Build `1903. On Sunday 1 Sept I got 2 Win updates. Result I could not open any of my Office 365 Home applications.
    I tried System Restore and selected a Restore point which said...
  17. Thread: 12pm is when??

    by Neil F

    Re: 12pm is when??

    All of the above comments make me glad that where possible the 24 hour clock is used (I always reset y phone and computer and (where possible) clocks /watches to reflect this .
    00 is midnight ...
  18. Re: Setting up an Iphone 7Plus after using an Abndroid phone

    Update . psycik I followed your suggestions - got a QR code scanner and now have WhatsApp operating on my laptop.
    I also downloaded Rova - a bit different in layout from my old scenario but I...
  19. Re: Setting up an Iphone 7Plus after using an Abndroid phone

    Many thanks for the great detailed instructions chiefnz.
    I shall follow them

    psycik -thanks for radio stations guidance. I'll try I heart again and also have a look at rova
    I shall look for a...
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    Re: It Used To Be - the American influence

    Comment. The forum is supposed to be an exchange of ideas NOT a slanging match. Thanks Piroska for the history lesson -great information .
    We have individual choice. Being a bit of a "stick in the...
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    Re: What a silly move

    Does anyone remember Multiplex (the wonder idea)? Back in late 1980s or early 1990s we had it. Problem was if one end fails all fail.
    We had a recurring problem many days. Worked fine then next...
  22. Setting up an Iphone 7Plus after using an Abndroid phone

    I had an ancient Samsung Galaxy S2 (new in 20130 but was recently offered by a client a spare phone. I gratefully accepted but then found out it was an Apple phone.
    With help I have overcome...
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    News Media and Political Surveys

    I am heartily sick of various news outlets "the latest Colmar Brunton etc poll shows xx leadership is under threat.
    National has risen/fallen x points."
    I am an old person and has never been ...
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    Re: Supposed updated Versions

    Hi Wainui and 1101.
    A typo on my part -I do have I Tunes
    I am on Win 10 Build 1903.
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    Supposed updated Versions

    The other day Piriform Update Checker said iTunes 9.6 was available compared to my installed version 9.5-full name 9.5.7.
    I took this at face value and downloaded the update. When I went to...
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