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  1. Re: Jobs for an 18 year old over the summer in Wellington

    If you've got a car promotions/sales work pays well and gets you good experience. Basically you get a bunch of kit, set up a stand in a supermarket and sample away. You get to keep any leftovers too,...
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    DACs, Amps and media recievers

    Hi all, long time no see for sure. Although it's great to see most of the folk are still happy and active. Somewhat pleasing to see we're all still pissing each other off (nice Motorists vs Cyclists...
  3. Re: Finally, a properTelecom app rather than a web page!

    Nice, the web page was a right PITA

    EDIT - within 30 secs I almost choked to death on the goddamn hideous UI. Who designed the colour scheme? The tele tubbies?
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    I Return - USB DACs?

    :devil You thought you'd lost me, but I'm back

    Hope everything has been well, I kinda upped and left once things got a bit sour when the Aussies invaded, claimed PF1 and everyone was ditching left...
  5. Re: Ahem....please take a break to reply to this

    Americans must have run out of good bloodstock if their phones are more interesting than their partners. Heck if my phone went off it would be left well alone.
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    Re: Best speedtest link?

    Correct me if I'm wrong, but I'm fairly certain Zeus uses Ookla as their client for speedtests, and Ookla run so I would imagine Zeus = for the most part.

    Greg: What...
  7. Re: Car Question : What to do when leaving it parked for 4 months

    Over four months, not much. Petrol *might* degrade a bit so leave your tank near empty but the main worry is theft as opposed to actual mechanical concerns. That low petrol tank will prevent thieves...
  8. Re: Help needed for new Wifi Lighting Business

    Nice enough, esp for a first website.

    I'd drop/relocate that top menu bar on the home page, it seems a bit clunky having that over your nice scrolling products list. Too much navigation, you have...
  9. Poll: Re: Apple , Android , Windows , Linux , etc ?????

    When I first started working with OSx I hated it, then I began to like it a bit. As time moved on I found it more and more frustrating to do tasks that seemed to be simple on other OS's.

  10. Poll: Re: Apple , Android , Windows , Linux , etc ?????

    Windows 8 is my desktop OS of choice, I have a few "erks" with it, but most have been addressed in 8.1. Also most issues are related to what I'd define as "Legacy Hardware for Windows 8" - The reason...
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    Poll: Re: Mobile Provider ????

    2D's carry over system is great, I'll admit that!

    End of the day I pay extra for Telecom's coverage and performance. If I wanted a deal I'd go 2D. VF is crap (IMO) and Skinny... I won't discuss my...
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    Re: Metla's Game of the Month......

    Recommence? I didn't know I'd stopped :p
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    Re: Music to home theatre by Bluetooth?

    If you can pair your phone with it and play music to the HT then you can do what you're asking with a dongle. Absolutely easy. The BT Audio out will appear in your sound output devices just like any...
  14. Re: Charing phones, usb cable length and battery packs

    Load of shite. Any energy loss would be minimal and the amount of current flowing through the wires is so small a loss would barely be noticed.

    500mA at 5v can be handled by even the cheapest and...
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    Re: Metla's Game of the Month......

    Things are looking up
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    Re: Last Roll Call...........

    Beer is good.
  17. Re: Unbundle Sky network for ADSL2 like rural SATELITE broadband

    Current Sat internet technology has some big limitations, latency being one. Usually 4-600ms minimum. Also bandwith is an issue, yeah it works OK for a few thousand rural customers but if you put too...
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    Re: You don't have to be nut, but it helps!

    Phew! That's absolutely crazy! Bunch of the most skilled nuts I've seen for a while! Take some reactions and track knowledge to get through there alive!
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    Re: Buying on the internet

    Lens hoods are ridiculous. Similarly I have seen most "genuine" Nikon Lens hoods priced at $50 to $60!! Ebay $5 ;)

    Actual functional camera/lens parts I tend to pay a bit more and buy...
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    Re: A thought on UFB Poor Uptake reasons

    This is the play for roll out AFAIK:

    Phase One: Schools, Businesses and "Priority" areas, subsets of Phase one include new development areas where it's easy to install, as well as easy to access...
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    Re: A thought on UFB Poor Uptake reasons

    Slow uptake is, in my own opinion, because people don't know what the hell they need. People are so very confused about what makes good/bad broadband that they wouldn't know UFB if it fell out of the...
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    Re: How to get a new phone number

    +1 for chill :)
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    Re: Need a new Wireless Router

    Great then, Alpha city is on my "good places" list :)
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    Re: Need a new Wireless Router

    Just remember the Alpha city one doesn't have GST added on the price (it's about $80 with GST) - I have not delt personally with Alpha myself but can recommend PBTech whom I linked earlier. Similar...
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    Re: A flood of spam threads this morning

    Yup, Sir ed and Yellow eyed penguins for the $5, Whio on $10 and the Queen on a $20, forget the 50 and Rutherfords on the $100

    I still have my National bank visa debit, currently holding back from...
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