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    Re: Go Large: Anyone had acceptable p2p speeds?

    I can only give you my experience here.

    I was on one of the old "plus" plans that gave me a 192 upload speed. I have never been a great user of torrents, but would download the occassional TV...
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    Go Large Traffic shaping problem?

    I have a torrent downloading at 3.6kB/s and uploading at 5.3kB/s.

    I have tried 3 speedtests as follows at the same time that the torrent was downloading:

    NZDSL = 242kbps download and 36kbps...
  3. Re: Jetstream PLUS users about to get knee-capped?

    The download is 2MB and 256Kbs upstream - capped at 10GB then throttled. It was originally the top line residential plan. Then it was no longer offered when UBS came in and the upstream speed reduced...
  4. Jetstream PLUS users about to get knee-capped?

    I am currently on the XTRA Jetstream PLUS product which is the old Jetstream product (used by early adopters) with 256Kbs upstream and then throttling at 10GB.

    Cost is $59.95 monthly.

    My big...
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