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  1. Re: Disk image, copy, clone ... not sure which.

    Free imaging program
  2. Poll: Re: Are you in favour of selling off state houses?

    I agree with this, all state houses do is create areas where nobody wants to buy a house because the peasants dont know how to look after anything that they dont have to pay for.
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    Re: ...and they called David Cunliffe 'tricky'

    Why dont you go be a politician then? Sometimes Govts have to make difficult decisions. I may not agree with ALL of National policies, but sure as hell dont agree with any of Labours or the Greens.
  4. Re: Windows 8.1 how to sync or backup a NAS to a local drive

    Hey bud....Running backups from NAS enclosures through Windows PCs is always slow, you have to use the NAS device O/S to instigate the copy\backup directly attached to the NAS to HDD. You will get...
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    Re: Format 1st partition, backup to 2nd?

  6. Re: Windows 8.1 how to sync or backup a NAS to a local drive

    HI, you are correct WD green are not for RAID, nor other they suitable for NAS drives. Which means you will have 4 x separate volumes to backup too. I dont know how Windows sees the Vantec unit, so...
  7. Re: Windows 8.1 how to sync or backup a NAS to a local drive

    Hi, first thing I would do is change your raid array to 1 = mirror, as at present you have twice as much chance of a volume loss with a stripped array with no tolerance.
    As for the USB enclose and...
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    Re: 91 octane versus 95 - advice please

    Hi had to use 95 or better for my supercharged motor, however most cars are happy with 91
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    Re: operating system for e350 server

    Just use Win8\8.1, you can share your files fine, you can do Hyper-v for linux server if you like and it wont cost an arm and leg for server o/s
  10. Re: Well Done National -- people who voted for them DONT complain

    Personally, I can have a cuppa tea anytime I wish, so I wont be missing them!
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    Re: Government Double Standards again.

    Personally, if I was going to risk my life, it would be for those that are still alive!...I dont see the double standards myself!
  12. Re: DrayTek Vigor DV130 ADSL/VDSL Modem Router,VDSL2/A

    TBH, i havent had to cycle my Technicolor TG589vn v2 in months either. In fact, I havent have to reboot it once since going onto VDSL about 9 mths ago, although we have had a power outage once or...
  13. Thread: Blue Screen

    by SolMiester

    Re: Blue Screen

    If you have 2 sticks of RAM, you could try remove just one to see if you can boot. Usually run 2 sticks will mean dual channel and requires identical RAM in perfect condition.
  14. Thread: EVGA GTX780

    by SolMiester

    Re: EVGA GTX780

    EVGA are probably the worst reseller of NV cards period...inferior VRM which gives coil whinge.....ACX cooler not the best....find another manufacturer
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    Re: Changing Win 8.1 to look like Win7

    Start8 didnt like 8.1 x64, so i got, costs 3.50US or something silly!
  16. Re: If you are using Windows 8 or 8.1 on a desktop - are you ....

    Using 8.1 at work with 'startisback'....cost 3.50NZD!
  17. Thread: speed test

    by SolMiester

    Re: speed test

    Jesus WT, that's obscene....i thought she might of been talking about WiFi speeds and got confused.....awesome!, havent seen telstra cable up here!
  18. Thread: speed test

    by SolMiester

    Re: speed test

    Who can get 130+ in speed?, AFAIK, only the local EIT has a gigabyte internet connection and even commercial only goes up to 100
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    Re: W8.1 & MS Outlook

    Outlook has a build in notification dialog box, 2007 & 2010 show it for 10 seconds bottom left, can be changed, 2013 has it top left..
  20. Re: Upgrading motherboad/CPU for occasional gaming

    Yip, Sandy Bridge will equal or better anything AMD has at present....I would suspect the capacitors on your existing Mobo, however you have stated what happens when you attempt to boot!...
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    Re: Why Pot Smokers Are Paranoid

    LOL, the propaganda spouted about MJ is incredible!, as a user for over 30+ years, the paranoia your friend feels is just their own insecurities.....
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    Re: How did you get your current job in IT?

    I was working with a big property developer in London doing their accounts and reporting for rental etc, they had a biggish IT dept, and after one of them showed me Doom on the network, i sudden...
  23. Re: To what extent do PF1 forum users still use MS Office?

    We use pivot tables in Excel connected to data cubes on our SQL, we also use web components with IE for basic reports from same cubes. Sharepoint with Word and document management with Outlook.
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    Re: new graphics card

    OpenCL is still the underdog when it comes to 3D modeling. You need to check what API the program uses, however best bet is CUDA and therefore either a Titan or plain Geforce game....
  25. Re: How much to sell my PC on trade fopr Opinions please.

    Actually, I can stream from my Plex server anywhere in the world on as little as the bandwidth provides just my changing the settings where ever I am. That the whole point of the project.
    I just...
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