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28-06-2001, 07:30 PM
Well were to start my computer has crashed. When I press the power button the computer goes to start up but all I here is the HDD whirl and then it runs the cd drive and then it gives out 2 quick beeps and hten a second beep and then stops, and sits idle. On the monitor all I can see is the self test that comes up on there, when I press Ctrl+Alt+Del there is a slight flash and it starts up again, if anyone knows what could be wrong please help.
P.S If you were wondering what I was doing before it crashed, I was surfing on the internet downloaded a few files ran them and everything went fine, I then shut down the pc and went to dinner came back and it didnt work Please help it would be very much appreciated.

28-06-2001, 07:37 PM
Hi, the following is from


During the POST (Power On Self Test) routines, which are performed each time the system is powered on error may occur. 'Non-fatal errors' are those which, in most cases, allow the system to continue the boot up process. The error messages normally appear on the screen. 'Fatal errors' are those which will not allow the system to continue the boot-up procedure. If a fatal error occurs, you should consult with your system manufacturer for repairs. These fatal errors are usually communicated through a series of audible beeps. The numbers on the fatal error list below correspond to the number of beeps for the corresponding error. all errors listed, with the exception of #8, are fatal errors.

Number of Beeps

1. Refresh Failure - The memory refresh circuit of the motherboard is faulty.

2. Parity Error - A parity error was detected in the base memory (the first block of 64KB) of the system.

3. Base 64KB Memory Failure - A memory failure occurred within the first 64KB of memory.

4. Timer Not Operation - Timer #1 on the system board has failed to function properly.

5. Processor Error - The CPU on the system board has generated an error.

6. 8042 Gate A20 Failure - The keyboard controller contains the Gate A20 switch which allows the CPU to operate in Virtue mode. This error message means that the BIOS is not able to switch the CPU into
protected mode.

7. CPU Exception Interrupt Error - The CPU on the mainboard has generated an exception interrupt.

8. Display Memory Error - The system video adapter is either missing or its memory is faulty.

9. ROM Checksum Error - The ROM Checksum value Does not match the value encoded in the BIOS.

10. CMOS Shutdown Register Read/Write Error - The shutdown register for the CMOS ram has failed.

28-06-2001, 07:45 PM
Hi again - just re-read your post, it looks like you have a Phoenix motherboard, which beeps in combinations. Two beeps / pause/ then a third beep looks still looks like a memory problem according to this site:



28-06-2001, 09:34 PM
doesn't sound too good but see if you can boot from a bootdisk (hope you have one) and run scandisk and a dos virus scanner if you have one.