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26-06-2001, 09:44 AM
I am trying to transfer data from a Win 95 PC to a Win ME PC using Direct Cable Connection. The ME PC has a 9 pin Com port connection and the Win 95 PC has a 25 pin outlet. I tried setting up using a serial cable with a 25pin to 9 pin adaptor to get around the problem but the PC's can not 'find' each other
I went through the necesssary commands on each PC
Any clues or hints??

26-06-2001, 11:19 AM
Hi Mike

From Nelson by any chance?

I have just networked two of my computers, a Win98 and a WinME. Rather than mess around with DCC I put in EtherFast LAN adapters. The whole thing only cost about $130 and is well worth the price. With 2 computers you do not need a LAN hub, so the cost is way down on a full network, but I can share printers, modem, files, etc just like the real thing!


26-06-2001, 11:52 AM
As far as I know DCC only works with Parallel data transfer cables. These are available from Dick Smith for about NZ$20. But assuming you meant parallel cable here is the process for setting up DCC. Note your computer may need to be restarted several times during the setup process.

For each PC to find the other using DCC each needs to have an indentiy. Unless you have tried this already, go to Control Panel\Network\Identification - and in the 'computer name' write whatever you wish each computer to be identified by. In the same Network applet click the Configuration tab, then click the 'File and print sharing' button, and tick the appropriate ones. Also in the same Network applet, ensure 'Client for Microsoft Network' is enabled as the primary logon.

Next make a folder which you wish to share its contents with the other computer. Now right click the folder, and select 'file sharing' from the menu which appears. A hand should now appear on the folder to indicate sharing is enabled.

Now start the Direct Cable Connection Wizard on each computer and assign one computer as the Host (computer with files to transfer TO other computer) and the other the Guest, which will accept the files. You will probably need to restart each computer at this point.

Now open up Direct cable connection and press the 'Connect' button and when prompted enter the Host computers name in the box which appears on the Guest computer, and listening will begin through the LPT1 port.

As a last word, enabling File & print sharing and connecting to the internet is like saying 'come and get it' to hackers. So once you have completed tramsferring files with DCC go back through Control Panel\Network - and take the ticks out of the file and print sharing boxes. Good luck :-)

26-06-2001, 12:37 PM
If there is a large amount of data to transfer - it is easier to pull the hard drive out of the source PC and connect it onto a spare IDE connector in the target PC.
Depending on the age of the motherboard and HD it may require resetting of master/slave jumpers but with newer PCs this can be done with the BIOS at bootup.

02-07-2001, 11:48 AM
Further to my last post, the following protocols & components are also required for DCC to work (Control Panel\Network\Configuration).

(1) IPX/SPX compatible protocol. (2)NetBEUI. (3) Client for Microsoft
Networks 'Component' ie not logon. Highlight & press Add if the above are not already present.