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25-06-2001, 09:37 PM
Over the weekend I formatted my HD, partitioned it, reloaded win95 and other programes, loaded Mandrake, lost win95, reloaded it, re-wrote Master boot loader, lost mandrake, reloaded, (3hours!)
lost one CD-ROM, have PCI Bridge conflicts, comatibility mode file conflicts, and USB bus conflicts, all of which I can work though and fix/get round myself, but the most annoying thing and I am stumped on how/where to fix it is most text has jaggered edges, espically in browsers netscape & IE. Graphical text (jpeg, gif) is ok, but in email even the text I am looking at now looks rough and jaggy. Looks like it needs ani-alising of some thing. I have reloaded the same win95 before without this problem. I have checked video card Permedia 2 3D & driver, (which does cause a crash in IE with a 'Glint.drv error' occasionally) and are running high colour (16bit).
Anybody got a short cut to where I should be looking for a solution while I am fixing the other problems?

Oh, by the way, Peter Cooke,
Re V92 modem & call waiting.
I had call waiting on the same line as my internet connection, and yes, call waiting would drop my conection and start ringing, but I missed most calls because as you suggested, people had to ring for a very long time, like 12 - 15 rings, so most hung up prior to that.
Although a phone that rings that long without being diverted to an answer serivce or fax is a rare thing these days and could be worth the hanging on for.............

25-06-2001, 10:20 PM
...your problem with 'jagged' text is an annoying one but simple to correct:

Right click on screen > Properties > Effects > check mark (enable) the box marked 'Smooth edges of Screen Fonts' > click Apply/Okay


26-06-2001, 10:56 PM
not so simple if you don't have the Plus! pack installed...