View Full Version : Keyboard won't accentuate

25-06-2001, 08:34 AM
I run MSWindows 95 and MSOffice 97 on a vintage PC486DX4-100Mhz with 16MB memory and it has been running just fine until now. Since three days ago the keyboard simply doesn't allow anymore to accentuate the vowels. The accentuation keys became fully active, that is, all the accents are typed in the first attempt to stroke them, as if they were independent characters, instead of waiting for the corresponding vowels to be pressed. Eg: ~a 'o ^o ^e. Besides MSWord97 and MSNotePad, I run also Fookes NoteTab, which is presenting the same problem. I always used 'Standard English' keyboard configuration without any problems, and I already reinstalled Windows 95 without success. Running Windows 95 in 'safety mode' eliminates the problem.

25-06-2001, 07:42 PM
Hi Ricardo, to make the accents work properly go to controlpanel/keyboard/language and check that the 'layout' is set to United States International. If it is not select properties and choose from the drop down menu.
Hope this helps PC.