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20-06-2001, 10:42 PM
My win98se speedy computer has been playing audio music quite happily up until i tried to download software to get my sidewinder joystick working. somewhere in the confusion and fiddlin around i've managed to loose the ability to play Audio on both winamp and windows media player. mp3's play fine. been to the microsoft site for help but can't seem to track down the relevent info! Winamp does show a list with play times for tracks but not titles. when i select track it does nothing. Would a format C: and reload of win98se fix it, although the thought brings tears to my eyes

20-06-2001, 11:59 PM
You didn't specify the soundcard you are using. I have a SBLive Platinum. I tried to use a side winder pro on my 98SE P2 400 and had SO MUCH TROUBLE it wasn't funny! I recommend getting rid of the J Stick. To try and fix the problem(it was that long ago I can't really remember) check for conflicts in Device Manager and if possible, try disabling the Joystick in Device man and see if that helps. Also try to uninstall the j/stick software(if poss) or try reloading the drivers for your soundcard as that was where my problems were. You may also be able to remove the js in DM. Microsoft joystick, Microsoft OS, Problems?=TYPICAL.

21-06-2001, 12:50 AM
i havn't had any problems with microsoft joysticks conflicting with sb live's.

sounds like you may have bumped the audio lead off the cd drive or sound card. other than that poss a driver prob or codec prob. does it play standard windows wave files??