View Full Version : Keyboard problems..

19-06-2001, 09:59 AM
My daughter has just bought a new keyboard BTC Multimedia 5301..which I installed and it worked fine for a few days..then seemed to just die..has power light but nothing else. I tried to reinstall it then tried to reinstall her old one but that doesnt work...each time we hit a key a beep sound comes from her 'tower' (with her old one that is )...any suggestions...sounds rather expensive to me..its a 486DX100 running W95..bit of a dinosaur I know but goes ok...

20-06-2001, 08:08 PM
hi, Pam,
when the computer displays 'Press DEL to enter setup' (or something similar depending on the bios) while starting up, press DEL. If the keyboard works in the setup menu, then the problem is with windows not the computer itself. If this is the case then press F5 when the 'Starting Windows 95' message comes up and the computer will start in Safe Mode. You may then be able to uninstall the keyboard software and delete the keyboard device from the device manager (Right click my computer, properties, devices tab).