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15-03-2009, 09:47 PM
Hi All,

Does anyone have any recommendations on apps (preferrably free) that can share/sync Outlook Contacts across a few PCs without Exchange Server?

I have already googled for some options but don't know which apps is good or worthwhile. Just wonder if anyone has already try some apps and have some comments.

OsaSync Lite 7.1 sounds promising but some reviewers mentioned it made Outlook unstable and freeze ...

"Wanted like crazy to avoid exchange server but after months of
trying osa I gave up. It would lock up my outlook then I'd have to
re-install. Then end up with duplicates of everything. Clean it up
but then eventually it would start locking up Outlook again - repeat
process until you give up. Maybe it was that I used Outlook 2000
but it is supposed to work with it."

"It annoyingly slowed down my outlook. It works by keeping a record
of changes in a shared folder on each machine and it seemed to spend
a lot of energy keeping that log up to date. I kept getting little error
messages popping up about how this or that didn't work or couldn't be
synchronized. The select mechanism for which folders to sync is clunky ...
you can't multi-select and it doesn't automatically include subfolders. I
have lots of folders and never did get them all synched. There's another
way in which one can bulk sync, but that required copying over the PST
file and I didn't try it. The synch operation is slow. Twice my outlook froze
for unknown reasons, but it never froze before installing OSASync and it
hasn't frozen since uninstalling it.

I don't recommend this product. I've installed EZOutlookSync and although
it's too soon to comment much on it, I've already synced everything with
no problem."

Has anyone tried EZOutlookSync?

I have already tried sharing calenders using Google Calender a while back, but have not tried to share contacts with that, also not sure if it can share/sync with multiple PCs/Users.

I want to avoid the hassle of trying lots of different apps and in the process screw up Outlook or the data files. It would be good to narrow down to one or two options first.

P.S. Google just turned up this article this very minute, haven't read it yet ...

The Holy Grail of Synchronization


16-03-2009, 06:55 AM
I usually export mine as a .csv excel file and then import back into outlook or gmail works for both

16-03-2009, 10:30 AM
Well yes, I have been doing that sort of import/export for years, but the people who will be needing this have no computer knowledge. They will need it to happen (preferrably) automatically, or it will be ok if it only involves clicking a sync button.

16-03-2009, 08:35 PM
Maybe a batch script or macro or something?