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17-06-2001, 08:31 PM
I have set up several internet connections over the past year on PC's running Win95C or 98SE, using Navigator 4.08. In each case starting Navigator automatically brings up the Dial Up Connection window and connects to the home page set in Navigator. However, I have just gone through this process with an older PC running Win95 4.00.950, and starting Navigator brings up the error window 'Netscape is unable to locate the server ..... Check the name in the location (URL) and try again'. If I start the connection through DUN, then start Navigator, the connection works fine. I have downloaded and installed DUN 1.3 on this PC with no change. As far as I can see all DUN and Nav settings are the same as I have used in the other systems. I am clearly missing something!

23-06-2001, 02:05 PM
The error message can be removed at Navigator start up by going to Edit-Preferences, click on Navigator and then check 'Navigator Starts with Blank Page', instead of it trying to go to the default home page.

I would have thought it a bit of a pain to have DUN start every time you open the browser,as you may want to do other things with Navigator than log on to the Internet.....

I've looked through the options in Navigator 4.08 and cant find one to start DUN.
It's been so long since I installed it, cant remember if there was an option during install for DUN to open on starting the browser.

Hope this helps a bit.