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17-06-2001, 04:14 PM
One day when i got into Internet explorer i found that my new homepage was www.gohip.com with an annoying icon bar the pops up. I press ctrl + alt + delete to get rid of the bar. I go to internet options and change my homepage back to the desired site. But when restarting internet explorer the gohip bar and hompages both come up again. Thanks any help would be appreciated.

17-06-2001, 05:00 PM
You can try this.

Goto to ADD/REMOVE Programs in Control Panel. IF any program that you know is related to GOhip.com is in the list.. remove it.

Regardless of whether you found anything there try this next step.

In Internet Explorer goto:
Internet Settings

On the Internet Settings Window, under the General Tab,
click on Settings (Temporary Internet Files)

In the Settings window that comes up.. click on VIEW OBJECTS. You should see a list of plug-ins that are installed in Internet Explorer. Remove any plug-in that you know is related to GoHip.com. Close that window and reset your homepage to your choice and restart IE.

Warning: Only remove plug-ins that you are sure you do not want if you need mre info on a particular plug-in, right click it and select properties and it should show you its web-origins.

If neither of the above works for you then I guess you could email GoHip.com and ask them about it..

17-06-2001, 05:52 PM
Hi there, this is from


What is Go Hip?

Go Hip is a website directory similar to Yahoo and a number of other search directories. The problem is it has a link on the very top of the page entitled 'Click Here To Make GoHip! Your Default Search'. This file changes information in your Windows registry so when you click on the Search button at the top of Internet Explorer it opens GoHip!. Many times it also changes your start page to be GoHip's as well.

Since the change is in the Windows Registry, its harder to remove than most installations.

How to I Remove GoHip?

The easiest way to remove it is to download the following file from the GoHip website and run it. This will remove the GoHip registry changes and allow your browser to use another search site for the default search and home pages.

Click on the following page to read the instructions for removing GoHip


GoHip Removal Program


17-06-2001, 08:27 PM
you might want to do your windows update.
there are three main ways home page hijackers get into your system- 1 you downloaded their .exe, 2 you got the .exe of an infected email and 3 you have a certain hole in your browser that it exploits hence the updates.