View Full Version : Windows 98 Logon

03-03-1999, 06:31 PM
I am running Windows 98 (come with my new Toshiba notebook). First it got a problem with modem setup, where I can not alter the location from where I am dialing my ISP. Then I run the Windows 98 setup and re-installed on top of my setting. This fixed the modem configuration problem but has created a new problem.

The problem now is Windows will login as default (not my setting) and will not ask me first. Then I have to Log-off this default setting, then Windows will give me the list of users, then I can choose the user and put the password, this will take me into the specified setting and configuration.

How should I resolve this problem, to get Windows 98 to come up with Logon dialog box?.

I have tried both Logon setup (Control Panel, network), Client for Microsoft Network and also Microsoft Family Logon. Both gave me same result, no Logon dialog box at the start up.

I appreciate your help in this matter. And I love my PC world.