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15-06-2001, 03:30 PM
Is any one else using Bluetooth and GPRS as I saw someone using it the other day
he also had a bluetooth headset and also a bluetooth card on his laptop and was surfing the internet using it
this is the future I can't wait for more bluetooth appliances to arrive. as this is going to get very interesting.

The other question as you only pay for Data has anyone had there bill yet?

Comments please

Regards Ro ger

25-07-2002, 09:38 PM

I use bluetooth (Toshia Compaq)

Toshibe system is a dog with 1 leg.

Compaq iat leat works.

it is hard to get working for even simple systems

phones seem to connect tho I have needed to use a special software for GPRS ( PHONE TOOLS)

inter computer connection ...I cant get it to function

I think blue teeth need tol be extracted fairly soon if this doesnt get better.

Sorry for bad news but ....I had hoped for more as well