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15-06-2001, 03:05 PM
Is it possible to save streaming audio to the hard drive?and if so how is it done.Thankyou.

16-06-2001, 10:23 PM
Hi Kingsley, yes you can record streaming audio. There are basically two sources of streaming, that from a live source like a radio broadcast, and that from an audio file on a server. The techniques are different for each case.
For live audio you need an encoder like Music Match on PC World CD, and you need to set Windows recording controls to the right source. To do that in Win98, open volume control from the speaker icon in system tray, click on Properties - check Recording - check Mixed Output - click OK, then check the Select box in Mixed Output. This will enable the audio to go to the encoder, where you can select the file format and bit rate for recording.
In Win ME the Mixed Output may be called something else you would have to experiment.

Downloading an audio file can be trickier, depending on which browser you are using, and whether the file is in the same folder as the link that you click on. Often for copyright purposes the file is in a protected folder and you cant get it, what you click on is just a shortcut.

The aim when you click on a link is to get the Save to File option to appear, rather than opening a player. In Netscape you go into Edit - Preferences - Applications, and then for example highlight x-pn-realaudio file, and use edit button to save to disk, instead of opening player.

Another way is to copy the file link to clipboard, paste it into the browser address box, and if the file extension is .ram, change it to .ra. That will often then download the actual file, not just the shortcut to it.

In IE, you often have to play around with right clicking and Save Target As, or Copy Link As. Different sites seem to have different methods so you have to experiment a bit.