View Full Version : Windows ME - Space hog

14-06-2001, 09:18 PM
I recently upgraded to Windows Me and found that my disk space has extremly rapidly run out. So I went on the mission to clear out my 6.4gb HD. I have recently deleted the windows backup files so I could clear some space yet it made no apparent difference. Now, I was having a look around my HD seeing what I could delete, and I can across a whooping almost 600mb folder titled '_RESTORE'. I would like to know if it is really nesscessary for this folder to be here, it only contains 4 visible files, which amount to no great space. Can I safely delete this folder?And is there a good program that will delete duplicate files and/or clean out any other un-nesscessary old/unused/temp files?


15-06-2001, 07:21 AM
Hi matt, My restore file is showing as 35mb,If you go to control panel -system -performance -file system.
You will see a slider that you can use to change the system restore disk space.
I'm not sure if you can delete the 600mb files tho.