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19-02-2009, 10:32 AM
I've got a client who has installed a application called "Spector Pro" to monitor staff activity on their work PC. I had a call from one of their staff members saying that a window had popped up saying "Spector Pro" then disappeared. As I've never heard of this app, I assumed it was spyware. After doing a bit of research on the net, apparently it's a legitimate application.

For the last few weeks the system has been running sluggish (according to the staff) so before I arrange to look their PC, has anyone used or heard of this program before? Is it any good?


19-02-2009, 11:06 AM
I hope said client knows they need to be very careful with "monitoring employees" without notifying generally its something that should be in an employees employment agreement that they've signed off allowing.

19-02-2009, 11:13 AM
Good point. I will make sure that the owners know that the staff need to be informed etc.
My main concern is making sure that the application that they have installed on the PC is descent and won't cause any issues with the running of the system.

19-02-2009, 01:09 PM
Considering that software is recording EVERYTHING that is done on the Computer, emails, sites visited, work activity - EVERYTHING - it usually will slow down the PC.

Depending on what protection is also on the Computers, AV & Antispyware - they may also detect the program as a infection - because its basically doing what spyware does - gather information.

19-02-2009, 03:33 PM
Cheers wainuitech. Because the Spector Pro is "hidden", it'll be interesting to see if the spyware apps detect it as you mentioned. If it does, I'll obviously leave it in the system.

19-02-2009, 03:34 PM
Hi GR8Metal

Spector Pro is spyware of the worse kind. It is not just the staff that's being spied on but it spys on your client as well. When it sends enough information and starts hurting your client's business then the joke will be on him.

This program gathers information about the User and then spies on the spy, ie your client!! This program is in constant contact with Spectorsoft and needs network activity to operate. If it was just monitoring the staff it would not need any further communiction with Spectorsoft.

To get the Spector Pro splash screen to appear simply press Control-Alt-Shift-S. This will give you a password box as well.

The best advice you can give your client is to get rid of it while he still has a business to run.

Further information on an earlier version HERE. (http://www.interhack.net/pubs/spector/spector.pdf)


19-02-2009, 03:39 PM
Thanks for the info BURNZEE. I'll look into it further.