View Full Version : DNS issues over wan after running the avast uninstaller

15-02-2009, 10:11 PM
Hi everyone, I had (until a few hours ago) avast installed on my machine. I thought I might try running a trial copy of nod32 since things had been running more sluggishly than normal these past few days so first off I downloaded the avast uninstaller aswclear.exe that was linked from the nod32 site and mentioned in a thread here a few days ago.

I suppose I really should have uninstalled avast via add & remove programs before running the uninstaller aswclear exe but I was impatient. So I simply disabled avast's self defence system, ran the uninstall utility and then installed the nod32 trial before restarting.

I noticed I had no internet connectivity once my machine had booted back into windows xp. I can ping over the internet and lan via ip address but a ping via computer name or website address just returns an error a ping to my computer name also strangly enough returns a reply from ::1:
I can ping the dns servers for my isp and manually defining the dns server under the tcp/ip v4 settings doesnt make a difference.

On a side note all other computers on the network are completly unaffected and can access the internet with no trouble. My computer can also access the internet without any troubles if I boot off my ubuntu partition, I'm actually typing this from windows xp at the moment since I can access web sites by typing the server ip into the address bar.

Help is much appreciated, thanks

15-02-2009, 10:21 PM
You uninstalled avast! totally right, so you didn't do anything wrong.
Try download and running WinSockFix and see if that makes a difference:


BTW post a HijackThis log after we've fixed this problem, so we can remove some crap off your pc to keep it lean. Also, have you defragged lately?