View Full Version : Outlook 2007 Macro Help

05-02-2009, 11:50 AM
I have a macro written in office 2003 . It works well. Now i want that to be used in office 2007> But the same macro doesnt run at all.

I need the spreadsheet to look at column ?G? (Vintage) and ?F? (Name) go to the website www.winesearcher.com pull of the information on the top 10 prices given and put them on the spreadsheet. Column ?X? shows the last update on the first line, ?Y? through ?AH? show the 1st 10 prices with the two cells below showing the name in the first below and the location on the second cell below.

here are the likns for the both 2003 and 2007 excel files.



ALSO PLEASE NOTE: this spreadsheet I am giving you is from an old 2003 version, It must run on my 2007 version I am sending you separate. Please cut and copy the code from the original put it into the 2007 version I am sending you. You will also see in the code I need to start and stop from certain points.

Any help is appreciated.