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25-01-2009, 11:24 AM
I am running WinowsXP Pro.

I am having difficult updating MS Office 2000 to SP3. (Yeah- don't tell me to buy a new copy, nor to change to OpenOffice!) I keep getting a "Error 2318" message, and have copied the notes from support.microsoft.com telling me how to create a verbose log to determine where the error is.

The instruction is to run the file from the command line with the switches " /L2 /v". When I do this I get the instruction that I have a "Command line option syntax error" and am instructed to run "Command /?".

When I do this a pop-up DOS screen comes up for about half a second and disappears.

Can someone either assist with the correct switches, or tell me how to get the DOS screen to stay "up".



Speedy Gonzales
25-01-2009, 11:27 AM
start/run then type cmd

Then it wont close

Doing a command from start/run will close it

I take it you mean this (http://support.microsoft.com/kb/291846)

Dont put the ""'s in it. Thats probably why it says syntax error

25-01-2009, 01:33 PM
Hi Speedy - You are sure living up to your name! The response was fantastic!

The "this" you refered to was the site I had been to.

I did not use the "".

Thanks for the "cmd" suggestion, it works a treat BUT, when I run it all again, it is of no help. Set out below is what I did/got:

************************************************** *
C:\DOCUME~1|ADMIN~1>c:\temp\O2kSp3.exe /L2 /V

C:\DOCUME~1|ADMIN~1>command /?
Starts a new instance of the MS-DOS command interpreter.

COMMAND [[drive: ]path] {device] [/E:nnnnn] [/P] [/C string] [/MSG]

[drive:]path Specifies the directory containing COMMAND:COM file.
device Specifies the device to use for command input and output.
/E:nnnnn Sets the initial environment size to nnnnn bytes.
/P Makes the new command interpreter permanent (can’t exit).
/C string Carries out command specified by string, and then stops.
/MSG Specifies that all error messages be stored in memeory. You need to specify /P with this switch.

************************************************** *

That might as well be chinese for all the sense it means to me. It does nothing to explain how to get my original run command to work and provide the 'verbose' log I apparently need.

Appreciate your help



25-01-2009, 02:30 PM
Try running "c:\temp\O2kSp3.exe /?" - that should show you the options available for the installer.

I've used this to make myself a SP3 CD from the original - there's an "administrative update" option (can't remember details) that lets you upgrade a hard-disc copy of the CD - then you can just burn it back. Saves a lot of hassle if you have to reinstall.