View Full Version : spybot S&D update problem

20-01-2009, 08:43 AM
it happened yesterday, it seems to me that I can't update spybot anymore, or there is a problem with the updater.

when i click search 4 up dates the update window pops up and then after about 5 or 10 seconds another window pops up, telling me that there is an error while trying to search for updates.

anyone has any ideas or recommendation?

thnks in advance

Speedy Gonzales
20-01-2009, 09:07 AM
Use malwarebytes, it'll probably do a better job

smithie 38
20-01-2009, 09:13 AM
Updater working okay for me this morning.

Perhaps you should remove/reinstal Spybot to see if that cures the problem

20-01-2009, 03:02 PM
Any error code in the error message window? In the meantime, I suppose you can manually download the updates from the official website: http://www.safer-networking.org/en/download/

Cheers :)

20-01-2009, 03:08 PM
cool thnks for the advice.

for Jamuz's information there is no error code in the error message.

I should probably uninstall then reinstall it and c how it goes.