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28-02-1999, 07:46 PM
I have just taken delivery of a machine with a CyrixInstead whizzbang chip and a SiS6225 VGA card. The BIOS setup had 1MB of RAM reserved for the card - I upped it to 4 with no joy ...

It is intended to be a server and came totally formatted ... I have installed Win95 on it and it's whizzing away alright. We will also be using it to run software like HyperStudio and Spellbound! that require 256 colours.

Problem is that, like Syd Wells, I can't get the display to allow more than 16 colours ... I have downloaded and installed the correct drivers for the SiS card and the options for Display Props now include 256, 16-bit, 24-bit and true colour, but selecting any of these leaves me with a scrambled screen that remains until I restore the settings to 16 colour.

I have run Expert Colour's mssetup, but the prog detects the SiS card and stops there ... can't install S3 Refresh either.

The reseller is out of business, the manufacturer is uncontactable (this server was actually due 10 months ago), and the makers of the card don't accept liability for installation woes ...

Er, is there anyone out there with more of a clue than I?