View Full Version : Modem causes 'It is now safe to turn off your computer'!

28-02-1999, 12:56 AM
I have just added a 56k PCI internal modem to an AMD 586 100. It PnP'd well and seemed to self configure correctly, setting itself up on Com 5. It tests out properly in the 'Diagnostics', 'More Info' window. It dials out in Hyperterminal to a second line OK. However, in Dial-Up Networking it dials the ISP number, makes lots of squawking noises as expected, then animation stops in the dialog box, silence for a few seconds, then a black screen, then 'It is now safe to turn off your computer'. Haven't struck this one before. Any ideas out there please..... will be trying another modem when I can get one. Thanks.