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22-12-2008, 07:59 PM
Not sure where to start here but Iím in Australia at the moment and my ISP is in NZ.

OK, Iím using a friends Aus. ISP connection to get my E-Mail.

Now usually whilst over here I just use Webmail to send and receive mail but this time I opened Outlook Express to get an address and blow me down if it didnít download all my Mail. :eek:

Great I thought, but then found I could only receive from Outlook Express, I couldnít send or forward. :yuck:

Soooo, is it possible to adjust Outlook Express to send from over here and reverse the procedure when I return home?

It would be an awful lot easier.

The other thing is that once it is downloaded it is no longer on the ISP Server which complicates matters.

Anyway, all comments welcomed and a Merry Christmas to all.:thanks

22-12-2008, 08:11 PM
Why not just keep using Webmail

If you want to use OE - to allow messages to be sent.
Set the outgoing mail server in OE tools/accounts/properties Server Tab to the SMTP server of the ISO in Aus you are connecting with.

To leave a copy of the messages on the server.
In OE go to Tools/accounts/properties Advanced Tab and at the bottom - tick the box Leave a copy of messages on server,