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05-06-2001, 07:27 PM
hi, i've been having this problem for the past month or so.. when i've used my pc for sometime, windows (not IE) will pop up an error box saying explorer is quitting becuase of error in the kernel32 file, then all the icons at the bottom right corner of the taskbar would disappear even though they're still running in the background. sometimes, the taskbar wouldnt even show up leaving only the wallpaper in the backgnd. can someone please shed some light on this problem?? i really wouldnt want to reinstall windows if at all poss. as it's very troublesome...

below is a detailed description of what i've encountered for the past 3 days:

i've encountered these 3 errors over the past few days (can someone tell me what's happening please?):
this happened after having used the Internet for a couple of hrs:- -------------------------------------------------- EXPLORER caused an invalid page fault in module KERNEL32.DLL at 0167:bff7a4b2. Registers: EAX=00000000 CS=0167 EIP=bff7a4b2 EFLGS=00010286 EBX=00000000 SS=016f ESP=0080e2f0 EBP=0080e300 ECX=81904028 DS=016f ESI=81904000 FS=353f EDX=6000010c ES=016f EDI=8190400c GS=0000 --------------------------------------------------

this happened straight after rebooting:- -------------------------------------------------- EXPLORER caused an invalid page fault in module at 00f0:11c06286. Registers: EAX=00000017 CS=0167 EIP=11c06286 EFLGS=00010246 EBX=008df3bc SS=016f ESP=008df01c EBP=80000000 ECX=de6fa500 DS=016f ESI=00000000 FS=4177 EDX=819571a4 ES=016f EDI=00000000 GS=36d6 Bytes at CS:EIP:

Stack dump: 00000084 575c3a43 4f444e49 455c5357 4f4c5058 2e524552 00455845 72505c75 6172676f 675c736d 73656d61 6169445c 206f6c62 445c4949 6c626169 4949206f -----------------------------------------------------

this happened after having used the Internet for sometime:- -------------------------------------------------- MSIMN caused an invalid page fault in module URLMON.DLL at 0167:70292515. Registers: EAX=02ba0540 CS=0167 EIP=70292515 EFLGS=00010202 EBX=00466724 SS=016f ESP=0056ce34 EBP=0056d274 ECX=0056d304 DS=016f ESI=00000000 FS=1a27 EDX=80008720 ES=016f EDI=033dc268 GS=0000 Bytes at CS:EIP: 8b 08 ff 51 04 89 75 fc 8b 43 28 8b 40 18 89 43 Stack dump: 02ba0540 004666ec 0056d340 800c000d 81c0f404 702970a4 702970a4 0056d0d8 00000207 00000000 bff77d9f 0056d0d0 00000000 00000000 81c0f4d4 0056cea8 ----------------------------------------------------

05-06-2001, 10:17 PM
Hello Angela
You really need to let us know
what OS and hardware you are using before we can give anything more than a general answer, however invalid page faults are often caused by a rogue video card driver or a corruption somewhere in the direct X files.
Try updating your video card drivers to the latest from the manufacturers website and update direct x to version 8.0A, you could also update your web browser at the same time,if the aforementioned does not cure your problem the fault could lie in the active desktop if you have it enabled try disabling it.
If none of the above work repost with full details and I will step you through some files that could need replacing.


05-06-2001, 11:59 PM
Your kernel32.dll is corrupted. Replace it with another one - from your setup disk or from the Net. Very common problem.