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05-06-2001, 05:00 PM
Just a question about something I have noticed. If you download a page from the net, and you have never loaded it before, it takes quite a while to load. Now if you clean out your temp internet folder, delete all cookies, and erase your history. Basically get rid of any reference to the page. But when you back to that same page it uploads quicker than the first time. Is there any other place in Win 98 that keeps a record of where you have been etc on the net?

05-06-2001, 07:49 PM
Very observant - you have discovered first hand the secret world of index.dat files. Eg if you delete the contents of your History folder then go to Windows Explorer & right click History\Properties you'll find that it is full of files & folders despite the folder appearing empty! The same applies to Cookies & Temporary Internet files. Temp Internet files can become huge with the folder appearing empty. Index.dat files cannot be deleted in Windows but must be done at the DOS level. To delete history contents at the DOS prompt type the following minus the quotes: (note this assumes you have Internet Explorer 5.x, but similar for 4x etc) 'del c:\windows\history\history.ie5\index.dat' To delete cookies type: 'del c:\windows\cookies\index.dat' To delete Temp Internet files type: 'del c:\windows\tempor~1\content.ie5\index.dat' Although some files & folders will remain they will now be down to a more manageable level eg Cookies around 16Kb etc. Note these commands can be added to the autoexec.bat file (one string per line - Start\Run\sysedit & writing them between the echo commands. That way at startup they will be deleted automatically.