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04-06-2001, 09:15 AM
Hi there,
Couple of problems to do with network:
1. I can't use TRACERT to trace remote hosts on the internet using DNS names, LAN is OK and internet connection is OK. Local machine I am trying to trace from is Windows 98 on single domain LAN (NT Server). I have DHCP enabled on the local machine, WINS, DNS and Default gateway are all desabled (provided by DHCP as I understand). Internet connection is wireless. Again I can ping whatever I want from the local machine and all network and Internet connections are OK BUT TRACERT. ???
2. Same network - RAS enabled on the server. I use dial up port to connect remotely to the network. I can dial up, I got connected, I can log on (If I try wrong user name or pasword - I got kicked off) BUT I can't browse network - cliking onto Network neighbourhood does not let me into resources. All my user permissions are the same as I use on the LAN - so it is OK as well.

Any ideas greatly appreciated.

04-06-2001, 02:32 PM
Hi John,

I would say your firewall or NAT box is stopping the tracert. If your RAS server is in an NT domain, each RAS user needs to be granted the dial-in right. I presume that is why you get disconnected if you input the wrong username. Make sure you are not using a windows logon prior to dialing the remote network, as this will cause the symptoms you describe (unable to browse the network neighbourhood etc). You can either cancel/esc the Windows Logon, or turn profiles off in the Passwords applet in the control panel to be rid of it forever. Once the dialup connection is established, run 'winipcfg' to ensure you have the correct ip and WINS servers configured. Your machine will still need the same basic configuration as a computer on the LAN -same workgroup or domain membership, same user/share level access control etc.
have fun!

05-06-2001, 08:47 PM
Thanks Paul,
Your thought on tracert seems to be sensible - I'll check that.
As for RAS, it seems that all that you say is OK - no windows logon, IP addresses, network configuration as on LAN but still...