View Full Version : HELP: Connect 2 wireless APs

04-12-2008, 04:55 PM
Hi. anyway know how to setup an additional wireless access point to connect another wireless AP. I have a wireless network with 2 on wireless and 1 on cable in a Linksys WAG160. I have 1 notebook at downstairs which has weak signal and sometimes it drops off. I have 2 spare wireless routers which I am not using and I want to connect it to the downstairs notebook and try and see if it gives a higher connection rate. Basically 2 WAP working together.

WAG160N ----->Desktop (Wired)
| ----->wireless to 2 pc
| ----->downstairs notebook (weak signal)
Dlink router ---> move downstairs to this

so how can I connect the Dlink to the Linksys.