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03-06-2001, 09:07 AM
My daughter has a brand new computer running Windows ME tried playing a reader rabbit programme on it and had to change colour to 256 presume other settings have been changed as well as now when she starts comp it runs through the usual and then she gets a blue screen with a message about transmission and out of range. Any suggestions would be appreciated

04-06-2001, 05:27 PM
Starting at the beginning: can you actually launch Windows ie can you get past the blue screen.
If so have you tried to reset the colour back to eg 16bit high color (1024x768) through the ControlPanel\Display\Settings.
If that doesn't work can you utilise the restore feature of ME ie to roll registry settings back to an earlier time. If you can't get past the blue screen ie can't launch windowos, do you have a WinME startup disk (Floppy disk). I am not familiar with ME but I am guessing that you could use this to start in safe mode to change the colour settings there. If you don't have the startup disk a wau to start in safe mode is to restart the computer & hold the CTRL key until the Microsoft Windows Startup Menu appears. (For some machines, you can use F8 instead of CTRL to bring up the Microsoft Windows Startup Menu). Enter the number for Safe Mode, and then press ENTER. Then go to the control panel & change the colour settings as I've mentioned above - or another setting which works for your computer. Good luck.

08-06-2001, 11:16 AM
F8 is the key to press to enter safe mode on startup. Don't be allarmed at the view you get when windows opens as safe mode may alter the resolution on your screen and make it look scary. Ignore this and proceed as normal to change colours (Control Panel>Display>Settings). If this dosn't help, check that you havn't changed the settings for the video card.

(Click advanced button in the same place as you change your colours) If you think the problem may be there, but you don't know what, leave a post as to what sort of video card you have so I can tell you what you might have done.