View Full Version : Recommend a sub-$200 digital camera

28-11-2008, 12:58 PM
Wants: small, run off AA's, point and shoot with good results.

Any brand.

If you make a recommendation please back up why.

Or, alternatively, a list of minimum or iportant specs.

I'm thinking of something like a Sony cybershot S730 which is $170 @ DSE.

My main worry is that it uses Memory stick rather than something like SD. Do most laptop card readers accept memory stick???

Its a christmas gift. The recipient currently has a malfunctioning Fujifilm that is massive, takes awful pics when its working, is slow, chews batteries, and is about 5 years old.

So even at this price point it'll be a significant upgrade.

28-11-2008, 01:03 PM
Most new lappys will read memory sticks along with pretty much everything else except CF.

I'd say you could get any brand except Fuji, the cheap Fujis I've found to be nasty, and you have to hold them perfectly steady to get a decent shot.

Sony are always good value for money, and the one you mentioned would be a perfect candidate.

They are solid, good image quality, easy to use and pretty good on battery. Can't go wrong. :thumbs:

28-11-2008, 03:03 PM
Personally I prefer the Sony cybershots, or the Canons, but that is only because I have owned both, and think they are great. You can go to manual settings as well as auto if whoever gets the camera wants more creative flair. As for the laptops readers re the memorystick, the cybershot comes with a program, you just plug the camera into the laptop via usb port.

28-11-2008, 03:11 PM
Thanks guys.

I know I can spend awhile shopping around for the best deal, but its easier to just buy local, esp. for a gift, so I'm looking mostly at DSE and Noel Leeming.

So its between the cybershot I mentioned and a Samsung S760 as they have much the same features for the same price, but the samsung comes in cooler colours, has a higher res screen and accepts more than one type of memory card. The sony feels slightly more solid, and comes bundled with a case and 1GB card for the same amount.

I'm going to go back and have a final play - take a few shots outside etc - and make up my mind. Will let yo know results.