View Full Version : Scheduling a shutdown in Vista's Task Scheduler

20-11-2008, 09:00 AM
I've had this working before, but now, no matter what script I write it won't shutdown. Always Error 2147942402 (0x80070002)
So... I've decided to turn to the PCWorld community and find the answers.:banana
How do I do it?:nerd::waughh:

20-11-2008, 07:31 PM
Just tried to use the Inbuilt scheduler --- yep didn't work ;) Manged to get the scheduler to flash but no shutdown - a bit of a Google Search seems to bring up several times this program here (http://www.vistashutdowntimer.toflo.de/eng/VistaShutdownTimer.html) Its Free so it says --- if you scroll down the page there are screen shots under program - info and screen shots.

No idea if it works or is any good so use at your own risk.

Edited:: :thumbs: Works good, just tried it, didn't go into the full setup, but set it to shut down 2 minutes later, got a big warning every 5 seconds about 1 minute out before and a countdown from 10 seconds- then bye bye --- shut down.