View Full Version : PC file lists keep refreshing / flashing

19-11-2008, 09:59 AM
Not sure if this is coincidence or not since I upgraded to AVG8 last week..
PC was running pretty well but I got some malaware trying to install. Upgraded as above given my 7.5 version would not be supported after dec 2008 and a load of issues appeared. PC runs slower, critical faults every 2nd or so virus scan and reboots in middle of scans. PC seems to be clean now but issues below have started. I am also running malwarebytes and zone alarm pro firewall. Have disabled AVG firewall.

Last night I opened up Nero to burn some files to DVD. DVD window is open on left of screen and file window on right side...Only issue is every second or two the file window refreshes/flashes and i'm back at the top of a long list..I quickly scroll down to find the file and as I'm scrolling down, refresh and back to top of list??? Rebooted thinking it was buggy but issue still there..

Also, when I open up 'explore' using right mouse button on start menu I now notice the file lists that open up on screen flash every couple of seconds i.e screen refreshes...

PC is running Win XP..Around 6 years old. Think its an AMD 2.7 processor chip and 1 gig ram.

Thanks for any tips. I could reinstall given its been around 3 years since i last had to do it but don't fancy downloading hundreds of service packs given my XP recovery disk is from 2003 ish.

19-11-2008, 11:38 AM
Simple way to tell. Uninstall AVG and see.

I would personally use Avast over AVG, it has gained some bloat since ver 8.

As for reinstalls - all you would need to download is SP3, as that has all the prior updates in it.