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Les Radley
07-11-2008, 08:44 PM
I am having trouble trying to get a reliable connection on my Clear dial up internet connection.
Going back a few months I used to be able to connect 1st time @ around 44/45Kbps. Now I struggle to get connected with 678 & 721 ‘Remote computer did not respond’ & 718 ‘TCP/IP Connection terminated’ error messages. I have worked through the diagnostics self help screens with no luck.
When I do get connected it can take me up to 10 tries to get a connection over 40Kbps with the lower range being down to low 10’s and anything in between. The time to get a connection response is now longer also.
After various calls to clear we tried various options/settings/speed/strings/new connections/disconnecting all other phones etc on line, I was advised it could be my modem but also to get my PC checked out first even though all my Norton 360, XP, etc is up to date once per week.
So I had a local PC company come to my house who scanned/cleaned up my PC of ‘stuff’ not needed, etc, and reset the latest driver to a driver that worked before my problem arose. This did not fix the problem and he said the modem and PC are ok and it was a Clear problem but said he would supply & fit me new modem if I wanted. I decide not to and to go back to clear, $300 lighter.
After again speaking to Clear and more testing etc they advised it still must be my modem with an intermittent fault (old age?) because there end is ok.
So I bought a new modem, deleted, removed my current modem/drivers and installed the new modem/drivers etc myself.
Exactly the same issues continue with no improvement except that sometimes I now get a higher 48Kbps.
I even reconnected my daughters old PC to the internet through another phone jack to see if it still was my PC. Exactly the same issue using her PC.
Back to clear and again, after more discussions I was advised it must be my line and advised me to contact Telecom who is my line provider. Telecom tested the line and advised me it is ok, it is a problem with Clear they advised.
I was considering putting all my telephone line, internet and toll calls with clear after they contacted me with an offer a couple of months ago but I did not take up because of this problem.
Obviously by now I am getting very peeved and do not know where to turn to next. Presumably other users have experienced that same, any advice? Cheers

07-11-2008, 09:33 PM
The problem is ClearNet dial up, service and reliability has reduced in the last 6 months especially initial connection and password identification, sometimes takes 3 or 4 tries before establishing a good link. I think they have plenty of old devices which come online when usage is high. They don't care about dial up users anymore they want you to switch to broad band.

07-11-2008, 09:34 PM
Try connecting with all phones, faxes, extension leads, double adapters and sky decoder phone lines disconnected.

You could sign up with another ISP for a month just to confirm it is a Clear problem or use a friends dialup with another ISP as a test.

Usually 678 errors are fixed with adding a string +MS=V90 but it is important that you also change the port speed in the dialup connection and also in Phone and Modems in control panel to 57600 for it to be effective.

08-11-2008, 02:55 AM
The Telecom 0867 number is absolute crap and has been for a while. I feel that they are only trying to get people to move to broadband but that is no use to me as I move around a lot.

Les Radley
11-11-2008, 10:48 AM
Hi Thanks for this, it backs up my thoughts. Cheers

11-11-2008, 11:00 AM
local PC company come to my house who scanned/cleaned up my PC of ‘stuff’ not needed, etc, and reset the latest driver to a driver that worked before my problem arose. This did not fix the problem and he said it was a Clear problem. $300 lighter.

I had a PC similar the other day. No real problem, installed some anti-malware, removed Nortons, cleaned up the startup and charged $40. Because iut didn't have a real problem.