View Full Version : Firefox +NoScript issue

Paul Camford
04-11-2008, 07:00 PM
I use Firefox 3.03 with the NoScript addon

Last Friday I found problems trying to access BBC news site, the only way I could jump from story to story was to repeatedly hammer on the link 2 to 3 times
I checked all ideas that I thought that may be causing this ie spyware, broadband moden, ihug, bbc site itself but with no solution
Then this morning I found BBC News run fine on IE7

So the problem must have been with Firefox.
I then recollected that NoScript was upgraded about the time the problem started.

I fiddled with NoScript settings without any luck untill I selected "mark bbc.uk as untrusted"
Now the BBC News site works supercharged !

Not complaining, it nowworks but why does this setting fix the problem ?