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13-10-2008, 06:16 PM
In an attempt to save power and cut down on the amount of screen glare that shines from the computer room at night, I am considering activating Windows standby mode.

If I place my PC into Standby mode, will MailWasher Pro still poll my emails every 5 minutes, will by Backup programme run successfully at 2.30 am and will Avast! still run at 4.30am??

Should I keep ICQ running or should I switch it off each night before I go to bed.

I leave my PC switched on and connected to the internet 24/7

13-10-2008, 06:36 PM
If it's mainly Screen glare you can simply turn off the monitor - that way the Pc will keep running as normal.

Definition of: standby mode here (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sleep_mode) or basic definition:
Standby mode conserves power by turning off the display and the hard drive after a predetermined period of inactivity (a time-out). When the computer exits standby mode, it returns to the same operating state it was in before entering standby mode. Basically it turns off the PC - so none of the programs you mentioned will operate - Standby Mode or hibernation can cause all sort of problems as well, The PC not waking up as it should, programs or system crashes on wake up, usually requiring a reboot.

14-10-2008, 02:40 PM
The problem I have with 'standby mode' is that the mouse wouldn't move after coming out of standby, but I've had no problem with the 'hibernation mode'.

14-10-2008, 02:59 PM
Ah yes, the ole standby mouse issue eh....You could try going to control panel>system>Hardware tab>device manager and selecting the HID device list (Human Interface Devices), on the properties power management tab of these device place a tick in 'allow this device to bring the computer out of standby"