View Full Version : Blank e-mail (???)

24-05-2001, 10:21 PM
...a recent posting asked for help regarding receipt of (apparently) 'blank' e-mail using Microsoft Mail Clients.

This from the 'gnomies' over at Lockergnome.com:

'...If you've downloaded and installed the Internet Explorer 6 Public Preview, and receive HTML email then you'll want to take notice.

'Microsoft has replaced the MSLANG.DLL file with a version that is thoroughly confused by US ASCII HTML email. This will result in apparently blank emails within HTML email clients, particularly Outlook Express 6, though you might see this behavior in other HTML interpreting software that uses MSLANG.DLL as well.

'The solution is simply to copy the file from a machine with IE 5.x installed. Confusing to troubleshoot, but easy to fix.'


25-05-2001, 12:59 AM

...my grandson informs me that the above item incorrectly identifies the cuplrit as 'mslang.dll' - when the correct name for the file is MLANG.DLL.