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24-05-2001, 08:30 PM
Recently I have been unable to install any new programs from CD. It would start the setup process and then get to a point and I would get a message like: corrupt setup file or bad setup media. As it has happened with more than one program I think it is probably the latter. It seems to have come about after I had a 'tidy up' and I have most likely deleted some vital thing that didn't seem important at the time. To make matters worse (perhaps) I went through the .dll files and got rid of a whole lot of double-ups and old versions (I got this tip from off this site somewhere). I havn't deleted them ,so I can get them back, I just renamed them .d_l (as suggested). Since doing this I now get a white error box with 'Isset_se' at the top and the option of close or ignore. If I click ignore, nothing happens & when I click closed I get the good old 'performed an illegal operation' box......

I am running Windows 98 if that helps.

Can someone out there please help???


25-05-2001, 02:32 AM
The first thing to do is restore all the renamed dll's. Next you need to ensure the CD-ROM is working correctly. Try reloading a program you already have installed, or reading known good CD's.
You could also copy the entire CD to hard drive and try installing it from there. However, due to anti piracy protection features it may not install. Even if it doesn't, you should get a different error message.

As a last resort, (if you suspect Windows is the problem,) try reinstalling Windows over the top. To do this you start the installation process while Windows is running (select Start/Run, browse to the 'Setup' file on the CD, and go ok).
CAUTION: This process is not always sucessful. Ensure you back up important information first.