View Full Version : Garbled Screen

22-05-2001, 04:14 PM
I have a 486 that displays a garbled sreen when displaying graphics but works fine with basic text. I have encountered this problem before with another machine which would work fine with one monitor but not with another. What makes this so and if it is something to do with settings somewhere how do i adjust them?Also how do i find out what the settings should be?

24-05-2001, 02:25 AM
See if the problem still exists when running in safe mode. If it does, then chances are its a video driver problem. If not, then the video adaptor refresh rate or screen size may be too high for the monitor to handle.

To adjust the video settings: right click on a blank part of the desktop, select Properties, Settings, Click on the Advanced button, select the Adaptor tab and reduce the refresh as low as possible, Click ok when finished. Then set the Screen Area to 640 x 480, the Colours to 256 Colour. These may have to be carried out in Safe Mode if you can't view the picture properly.

Then adjust each of the settings up one at a time until you reproduce the problem.

You should try to set the colours to High Colour (16 Bit) if possible as some programs won't run properly, or at all, at a lower colour setting. If possible, you should avoid refresh rates between 50 and 60Hz as NZ electricity operates at 50Hz and any artificial lighting (especially florescent) will cause screen flicker.