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26-09-2008, 07:12 PM
I have a slide show project, dear to my heart, which I want to burn to DVD.

The slide show is on Photoshop Elements 6. When I try to burn however I keep getting the message D:\ "not available"

There is also advice that the project can be transferred to Premiere Elements 4, which I have tried too, but consistently get the message "device not ready".

Have tried DVD-R anad DVD+R but that does not help.

Other things burn okay to the DVD but I seems that using Sonic is not the way possible for Photoshop.

Misty :waughh:

26-09-2008, 07:17 PM
Try burn aware free or I think CD burner XP both are free and both do DVD's

26-09-2008, 07:53 PM
Try burn aware free or I think CD burner XP both are free and both do DVD's
Thanks Gary, but the problem is that Photoshop is supposed to burn direct to DVd, as I understand it, and doesn't use third parties. This is so that it will show as a slide-show or film.

The DVD drive is DVDRAM GMA-4082N
Misty :dogeye:

26-09-2008, 10:53 PM
Sonic, I've had lots of trouble with that one. Same symptoms as you, windows right send to cd burns ok , sonic rejects the disk as not suitable. The only cure Ive found so far is unistall sonic and reinstall.
I would also recommend free xp burner

27-09-2008, 11:20 AM
Hi Beama and Gary
Problem solved now thanks. I think that for some reason I was not getting my message across. Since gone to a Photoshop Elements Forum "Elements Village" and found a thread with a similar problem.

Seems that you must use DVD-, follow some sequences, and it may be that I was losing the title when I retried each time. It likes to have a customised title and not the default.

One thing I do understand now and neither of you specifically answered, though did somewhat indirectly is that Premiere Elements does utilise your onboard burner (mine is sonic) and does not have one inbuilt into Elements itself. I suppose thats logical but did not know that the procedure would be so intuitive.

Well, off to burn some more DVD's of our trip. Elements makes it easy and makes your work look really great :)
Thanks again
Misty :thumbs:

27-09-2008, 05:28 PM
Good to have the feedback about how you solved the issue might help someone else out in the future

28-09-2008, 03:59 PM
Further update. I have now found the fundamental problem. Sonic came with my laptop and I generally use Nero on my PC for any burning necessary. However on this occasion because I accessed Sonic on the laptop via Premiere Elements I did not realise that the version of Sonic I have only is supposed to handle audio. That partly explains why it only worked twice in about thirty attempts to burn the slide show onto a disc. Why it even worked those two times seems a bit bizarre to me. Perhaps they do that to torture or entice you !! :confused:

Cannot understand why sonic did not give some kind of pop-up message to say it could not normally do what was asked of it. The failed messages from Premiere Elements gave no clue on that score. Am I being too hard on Sonic ??
At the moment I hate it because of all of the many hours I have wasted trying all sorts of things :mad: :mad:

So, I guess the answer is that most people would be accessing Sonic directly and see any limitations. My problem was that the indirect access through Premiere Elements did not show that. :blush:

05-10-2008, 06:03 PM
One (hopefully last update). I still had problems and seem to have fixed by uninstalling Sonic fully - both Sonic "Record Now" and Sonic DLA. I had read the following post on AdobeForums. Decided that Sonic was the problem and from there I believed that uninstalling the program was the answer. More drastic solution than the writer recommended.

Why can I not burn directly to a DVD from Premiere Elements?

grisetti steve - 04:37am Jun 13, 2007 Pacific

There are a variety of reasons why Premiere Elements may not be able to detect your DVD burner. The most common reason is that most computers come bundled with DVD burning sofware (RecordNow, Roxio and Nero are the most common). These programs commonly monopolize the DVD burner, and not even the operating system can get to it.

For most people, the simplest solution is to "burn" your DVD movie from Premiere Elements to a folder on your hard drive and then use your burning software to move these files to a disk, as described in this FAQ:

However, forum contributor Ian IR Hay offers a solution that may work for many:

Do you have Sonic/Roxio, Nero or other DVD burning software installed? If so, do you have its drag-and-drop-to-CD/DVD feature enabled? In Roxio/Sonic, it's a program called "Sonic DLA", which is recognizable if you right-click your DVD burner drive, and it shows "use with DLA". The Nero equivalent is called InCD. There are similar others that you might have had pre-installed with your system. These are packet writing software programs that allow drag and drop to your CD/DVD burner.

I had Sonic DLA. I researched these, and the uniform opinion is that they are problematic, cause conflicts with other programs, and generally evil.

If you have one of these, try putting your blank DVD in the drive, then right clicking the drive and choosing "properties". If you have Sonic DLA, there will be a DLA tab. Uncheck "use DLA". If it's another program, try to find out how to disable it.

Try burning to DVD. In my case, all problems disappeared. If this works, uninstall the relevant program (I suggest first ejecting any discs, going to the properties tab and disabling the program on the empty drive before running the uninstall).

Misty :thumbs: