View Full Version : Java Script error messages

22-05-2001, 09:30 AM
using an old 486 DX 2/80 with a 1.2Gig hard drive which is just about full. Approx 60-80k free. It generally operates ok except while on the internet where we continually get java script error messages and then quite often it locks up completely.
Any ideas???

27-05-2001, 02:16 PM
1. You need to free up space. Delete all files from your Windows\Temp folder. Delete all movie files (eg AVI,MOV). Delete all files beginning with ~ or ending in .TMP. Delete all the hidden .GID files. Delete backup files (.BAK). Delete ZIP and self-expanding EXE files you have downloaded if you do not need to re-install the program in them.
2. Limit the size of your Recycle Bin and your Internet cache.
3. Use a newer Browser, eg IE 5.01 - older ones & Netscape may get more Javascript errors.
4. Consider installing Drivespace to make more efficient use of your drive; OR add another drive. You can pick up another 2 GB for about $75.