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12-09-2008, 10:26 PM
I was just reading Ian Forsyth's comment on the latest poll (Chrome).

"Ive never forgiven Chris Keall in one November PC world issue stated "Vista - were in love!! " - I believed him and it cost me very dearly ! No early adopters from me any more !!!"

I haven't read the issue, so wouldn't know what Chris had said about Vista at the time.

Drag out the violins...
Early adopters are Beta testers dude. You're just a late riser.

You can't blame anyone for your dumb decisions.
There is no way that anyone can pretest your impending O/S experience for you. You need to check that your hardware, drivers etc is up to snuff.
Also check that all your software will work.
Even then, it was a brand new freaking O/S.
Millions of lines of code.

Chris was likely to be testing Vista in certain conditions.
Not in your house, on your hardware and with your apps.:banana