View Full Version : Continuing saga of truetype fonts...

22-02-1999, 08:26 PM
I followed the good advice given here to my previous question re truetype fonts. Went to Microsoft site, read up on re-installing ttf's etc.

In spite of configuring the setup log as recommended by Microsoft, running Win95-OSR/2's setup does not produce the desired 'replace corrupted files' dialogue...it wants to do a complete install...no, no!

My bootlog reveals 36 ttf's with error code 0016, not loaded. (Also noticed ebios vxd failed to load). Strange that the 'unloaded' fonts actually seem to work when I use them in Word, PageMaker etc.

At this point I'm stuck. Am I creating a problem where there isn't one? Any further advice (incl failed ebios load) appreciated. Does PC World have a 'tame your fonts' article? Thanks!