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16-05-2001, 11:46 PM
Recently when looking up some data with my son as research for a project, we had the unfortunate experience of a hacker trying to access our files (symantic warned us about file problems as we had autoinoc on)& a friend suggested what had happened. I looked up your reviews as I remembered reading something about a firewall protection - the query is - by downloading something like Zonealarm, what difficulties can be involved with running/accessing any of our programs or even starting up as we have had problems in the past (mainly with virus protection programs)
Any help would be greatly appreciated

17-05-2001, 12:32 AM
...in conjunction with an OEM Nortons Antivirus software programme I have used the freeware version of ZoneAlarm for nearly 18 months without any conflicts or problems and recommend it.

If you are new to using a Firewall, understanding the the programme may be a little confusing at first. However, persevere, because once configured (up and running) it *really* is 'child's play' to use.

TIP: save the 'setup.exe' to a seperate directory after download and installation of the programme - just in case you need to reinstall it for any reason.

17-05-2001, 07:41 PM
I have Norton Antivirus 2000,and win 98SE,

i got zonealarm and in about ten minutes someone tried to hack into my computer, and every 30 -50m min after.

so I adjusted the security levelss now i dont have any hackers trying,

note*** i know extremy little about computers etc. and i could use it easily.

just read the manual web page!

17-05-2001, 11:35 PM
hi daniel, i'm interrested on what security settings you put zonealarm on to stop hackers trying???

18-05-2001, 11:19 PM
Daniel, thanks for the info, could you tell me what levels you adjusted the security levels to?. I installed ZoneAlarm today (18th) and already have had 2 'bites' at my system.

18-05-2001, 11:34 PM
e_name, many thanks for your response.I have installed the ZoneAlarm firewall from cd - this was made available on a cd supplied with the Australian PCUSER mag I get - very surprised when I saw what was on the cd!!. I also use Norton. Could you tell me what level of security you have set?. I installed today (18th) & have already had 2 'bites' at my system

19-05-2001, 07:54 AM
The ZoneAlarm help menu (press F1) explains that both the Local & Internet zones should be set on High. I also check the 'block server' radio buttons under the security menu as well. If you do require software to act as a server at some stage eg Norton LiveUpdate, ZoneAlarm will ask you anyway & give you the option of allowing it. Once done with your security settings, test your firewall by going to the Gibson Research site at https://grc.com/x/ne.dll?bh0bkyd2 and press the 'Test my ports' & 'Test my shields', which will give you a report on the overall security of your system.

19-05-2001, 04:09 PM
Hi John, many thanks for your reply. I have had some good responses to my query & I think yours tops it off. I visited the grc test site as you suggested & came away impressed. By the way, today alone in 1 hr, I was notified no less than 7 times about attempted access!!Now feel a lot happier!!. Thanks again