View Full Version : Command prompt closes immediately ?

13-08-2008, 02:45 AM
Im trying to open a file but when i double click it, it looks like it opens the command prompt for a millisecond then just closes.

Command prompt opens fine tho on its own. If i open command prompt and type in the path to the file it says "Is not a reconised as an internal or external command, operable programme or batch file"

I know the file works because about 500 people have used it fine

Any ideas, i had this problem on my old pc but cant remember how to fix it. My windows xp is pretty old. I did an update of some sort on my old pc to fix it.


13-08-2008, 06:12 AM
XP command prompt flashes on
Put the above in to Google and you will find a solution there are several who had the problem you can take yr pick

13-08-2008, 09:49 AM
What type of file are you trying to open ?

Dont know if this will be of any help, but have a read of This forum (http://www.techsupportforum.com/microsoft-support/windows-xp-support/117959-file-association-errors.html) - see if your problem is similar.


If you problem is the same go to This site (http://www.dougknox.com/xp/file_assoc.htm) and download the exe file fix on the left. The ones in the forum site above dont appear to download correctly.

13-08-2008, 11:43 AM
what kind of file are you trying to open? if it's a program (.exe) then it may be corrupted