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14-05-2001, 09:00 AM
Anyone who has read the many articles on privacy issues will be well aware of the programs that access the internet - that we KNOW about, it's the ones we DON'T know about that are a cause for concern. I recently installed the latest version of ZoneAlarm, also reinstalled System Mechanic, and was surprised to see 'Zone', pop up and request permission for 'ON Flow Stub Installer' to access the internet - out of System Mechanic, I could probably find out what this is via their web site - but via F1, It'll bring this to the attention of anyone else out there interested - it may well be perfectly innocent and harmless - but until I know WHAT it is and WHY it want to get net access, and for what purpose - I'm saying 'No' for the present.
Can anyone say what O.F.S.I is?
Many thanks.

15-05-2001, 12:45 PM
I'm making a guess on this, a stub installer is a piece of code that downloads the rest of an application. In this case System Mechanic has an automatic update feature, which if enabled would then trigger Zone Alarm to ask you if you want it to let this stub access the internet. You are probably OK in saying yes.

15-05-2001, 04:27 PM
Here's some further information. That stub is nothing to do with the auto-update, its an instal program for Onflow Player, a type of ad-ware from www.onflow.com. The name of the stub is :
and is probably in the c:\program files\iolo\system mechanic\BACKUP folder.
This seems to be hidden within the SM installation and is listed in the instal log.
So the newest advice would be not to let Zone Alarm let it access the net, else you may get an unsolicited program installed.
Sorry to mislead you at first.