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13-05-2001, 02:01 PM
Yesterday I uninstalled Jukebox Plus and Real Player as both are now surplus to my requirements. On re booting I am getting 'A required .DLL file, PNGU3263.DLL was not found. I have checked the Press F1 history and have found that this is a file related to Jukebox Plus. Would somebody please tell me with easy to follow, explicit instructions, how to get rid of this message.
Thanks in advance

13-05-2001, 06:56 PM

Even after uninstalling a program there may still be references to it in the registry, the extent to this depends on how sloppy the program is and how well it was written.

Open Regedit by selecting Run on the Start menu and typing Regedit into the run dialog box. Do a search for PNGU3263.DLL. Delete any keys containing a reference to the file after making a backup of the key.

Open MSConfig using Run on the Start menu. If there is any reference to the file or jukebox you should remove it.