View Full Version : Will XP-Pro Repair XP-Home Edition?

21-07-2008, 03:54 PM
I have a few XP-Pro installation CDs from the multi-license I have for them, but will they repair a Compaq OE version of XP-Home?

I could install one of the Pro versions, but want to save them for when I really need them.

Belarc has revealed the actual license to me; it's not the same as the one on the case sticker.

Since it passes the WGA test, gets M$ upgrades and Hotfixes all the time, I can safely assume that it's a legal installation. Knowing the original owner makes me triply sure that it's all on the up-n-up too.

21-07-2008, 04:05 PM
Sometimes it will, depending on what you want to do, If you are running something like chkdsk usually will.

Doing something like a repair install - no it wont.