View Full Version : Sorting .jpg files on USB drive

John Robb
29-06-2008, 12:03 PM
I am having trouble in sorting photos on a USB drive for showing on my TV.
I have tried renaming the files to get them in the correct sequence but when I show them on The TV (Hitachi 42" plasma) the come out in a random order.
Either the order is wrong on the USB drive or the Hitachi scrambles them before displaying the slide show.
Tech details: USB drive plugs directly into the TV. OS on computer is Win XP.
Any help would be appreciated
John Robb

Graham L
01-07-2008, 03:28 PM
At a guess, this is happening because the TV set isn't a computer. :D

An OS on a computer can sort the directory entries so the files appear to be in order. The television set is probably just showing the pictures in the order of the files' entries in the directory.

You will need to sort the directory. Copying the files into another directory will get them in order, so the new directory will have the correct order.

A "copy" rather than a "move" is needed.
The OS will be efficient and not physically move the files, but the new directory "ought" to be correct. Try it. (The OS might be super efficient and just make a copy of the directory. :( ) If that happens and it doesn't work, copy them to another drive, then copy them back to the USB drive. If that doesn't work, scream. :badpc: