View Full Version : IE 5.5 Repair - SCRRUN.DLL

08-05-2001, 03:27 PM
When I run 'Repair IE 5.5' in Control Panel/Add new... a cannot repair message comes up that I have SCRRUN.DLL with a version but it needs to be greater than
I have re-installed IE5.5 as directed but the message remains. What is SCRRUN.DLL and how do I get the recommended version?

08-05-2001, 04:13 PM
...hello again, Roy. I experienced this error message a few weeks ago and my attempts to download and reinstall the required driver failed - possibly due to my inexperience (?).

To resolve the issue I ended up having to completely reinstall Internet Explorer (version 5.5.4522.1800IC)using the 'Repair' function in Add/Remove Programmes on the Control Panel.

I suspect the problem was a Third-Party Cleanup Utility (in my case the cleanup function in COP 2.2) which removed the SCRRUN DLL.

The following Microsoft Knowledge Base article refers: